Announcing PassHub Premium

Over the past two years, PassHub has grown and improved. We’re excited to announce that PassHub is about to get even better, and also happy to give back to our loyal users.

Although our new version of PassHub will be a paid service, we’re automatically upgrading all of our existing users at no cost to them ever. If you’re a current PassHub user or sign up by January 13 2020, here are some new things which you can look forward to soon:


File Storage

Number of Records

What is PassHub Premium?

PassHub Premium is a paid account which offers additional features that the free account doesn’t have. After PassHub Premium goes live, the free account will be called PassHub basic and will have limits on the number of records and files, and file storage space.

What are the new features?

Some of the new Passhub features are: easy one-click sharing, additional file storage space, and unlimited records.

How does PassHub Premium impact me?

All existing PassHub users will automatically be upgraded to PassHub Premium for free, forever. You and anyone who signs up for PassHub before the end of the year will also receive this benefit - so tell your friends, family members and co-workers.

What do I need to do?

In the process of upgrading your account, PassHub needs to know your email address. This makes it easier to share safes with other users. It also makes it possible for the PassHub team to notify you if there are any important changes or improvements to PassHub in the future. That’s it - nothing else is required.

What if I know someone who does not have an account yet?

Invite your friends, family members and co-workers now so that they can get PassHub Premium for free. If they don’t sign up before the end of the year, it will cost 48 USD in 2020 to get the same benefits. Security is important, and the holidays are approaching - give the gift of PassHub Premium to the important people in your life.

Every one who signs to before January 13, 2020 will be automatically upgraded to PassHub premium for free.