PassHub for Business:
Cloud Version

Combining client-side encryption with intuitive data sharing, PassHub for Business is a dedicated platform for secure collaboration.

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Why choose PassHub CLoud

500 MB of secure data storage per user

Full control over user management

No need for server configuration or support

All data saved and managed on US or EU servers

Granular permissions and secure access on any device

Flexible pricing and
no hidden costs

Get Started in 3 Steps

Step 1

Download the WWPass Key app

The WWpass Key app is a mobile authenticator, which allows users to log in to unlimited WWPass-enabled websites and WWPass-enabled applications. WWPass Key app does not require users to install software on their computers.

Step 2

Log in to the WWPass Customer Portal

Your WWPass account is created automatically the first time you scan the QR code and log in. Use your account to manage your PassHub subscription.

Step 3

Get PassHub for Business

Create a PassHub instance. The URL for your PassHub will be in your WWPass account in two business days. We will send you an email notification as well. Satisfied customers are our top priority. You can cancel your PassHub account at any time. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

Proceed with your WWPass Account


  1. Security

    • Login without username and password, with no master password.
    • Client-side encryption with WWPass Key (AES-256-GCM and RSA-2048).
    • Secure sharing of passwords, notes, files, etc.
    • Privilege access management.
  2. Convenient Collaboration

    • Access password manager from anywhere on any device without having to install any software.
    • Organize usernames, passwords, notes, and files in different safes (folders), and easily share any safe across teams or co-workers.
    • Import and export passwords easily (KeePass compatible).
  3. Flexibility

    • Cloud-based service (servers are located in the U.S. and Europe — the choice is yours).
    • Сentralized administration and user management.