PassHub for Business

PassHub for business is a version of PassHub designed specifically for corporate needs.

Passhub on-prem

Deployed on customer’s premises, it brings the company full control over PassHub source code and sensitive user data.

PassHub for business allows company administrators to control user on-boarding, monitor user activity as well as to revoke particular user access to the service.

As opposed to completely anonymous public service, users of PassHub for business are known to company administrators and the service itself. This feature simplifies sharing procedure, which is now one step, as opposed to three steps of public service. Due to client-side encryption implemented in PassHub, system administrators still do not have access to unencrypted user data. There are no insider threats in the system.

Download the Passhub for business distribution along with the installation manual:

Alternatively, see the full repository on GitHub:

Passhub for Business as a dedicated cloud service

Passhub for Business may also be deployed as a cloud service, hosted by team. This approach eliminates the burden of server configuration and support, still allows to control user accounts on the company’s Passhub instance. To get PassHub for business as a SaaS, please contact us.