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Scan the QR code with WWPass™ PassKey App to open your vault

WWPass™ PassKey App is a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms that turns a mobile device into a lightweight and easy-to-use WWPass PassKey. WWPass PassKey App allows users to authenticate on unlimited WWPass-enabled websites and WWPass-enabled applications. WWPass PassKey App does not require users to install software on their computers.

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Or connect PassKey

The PassKey is based on a cryptographic microcomputer that is used to authenticate a user to web sites and applications. It is also responsible for end-to-end mail encryption, local ciphering of files and other user data. Personal data is encrypted, fragmented, and dispersed, so it cannot be accessed without the user’s PassKey and access code.

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Organize all your credentials and sensitive files for instant and secure access on the go from any device, anytime you need them.

Securely share important info with your family, friends & coworkers with zero-knowledge cloud storage.

Unlike other password managers, your phone is the key to your vault — no master password is required. Best of all, PassHub is free!

No more headaches

  • Easily generate strong passwords without frustration
  • Skip the hassle of unnecessary password resets
  • Find your key info anytime, anywhere

Get organized faster

  • Easy to fill templates for safes & folders
  • Customize your vault with safes & folders to meet your needs
  • Safely share necessary info/files with family, friends or co-workers

Backup vital info

  • Upload essential files to a secure, redundant, indestructible cloud
  • ID/membership cards, birth certificates, tax information & more
  • Phone contacts, emergency contacts & more
  • Wills, Power of Attorney, Legal Documents & more

Get peace of mind with zero-knowledge storage

  • With Client-Side Encryption, you alone can access your vault
  • Even shared files are not accessible by anyone but you and those you share with
  • So secure, even the PassHub team (or spy agencies/companies) cannot access your data