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PassHub Getting Started

Your user account is created automatically at your first login. You do not need to register at PassHub.

Scan to Sign-In

Login to PassHub on a desktop by scanning the QR code with WWPass Key app on your smartphone.

Touch to Sign-In

When opening PassHub in your smartphone browser, just tap the "Login with WWPass" button to sign-in with the local WWPass Key app. Alternatively, you may switch to the QR-code screen to login with a different mobile WWPass Key.

NOTE: To use you need to install WWPass Key app.

WWPass Key App

  • Get WWPass Key app on AppStore or Google Play

  • Launch the app and follow instructions to personalize your WWPass Key.

    Please write down and remember your WWPass PIN: it cannot be reset

  • We recommend you follow the Key backup procedure. It is bound to your email address. Please follow the steps to be able to transfer the app to another device if your phone is lost or stolen, or if you upgrade to a new one.

PassHub and WWPass Key is a cloud-based password manager or a secure vault, while WWPass Key app is a secure authentication solution that eliminates the need for usernames and passwords.

Generally you may think of WWPass Key App as a key to access the PassHub data, see the explanation video: and WWPass Key app: A vault and a key.