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As opposed to annoying password manager extensions, the PassHub extension is a non-intrusive tool to fill username/password fields in login forms.

By no means is the PassHub extension a silver bullet, but rather a semi-manual assistant that shows a choice of the appropriate accounts and fills usernames and passwords into login forms on websites. Automatic form filling is more about guessing, not about well-defined algorithms. Generally, the PassHub extension works on approximately 80% of sites. For other cases, use the basic Copy/Paste technique of itself.


On desktop Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and other Chromium-based browsers follow this link:

Alternatively, go to Chrome Web store and find the extension. Click Add to Chrome.

NOTE. For Chrome browser only: pin the PassHub extension icon to the Chrome Toolbar. Click the puzzle piece-shaped Extensions icon next to the account icon and then click pushpin next to PassHub extension.

Chrome pin extension

How to use#

The browser extension communicates with PassHub tab to find the appropriate credentials. So be sure you are signed in to to use the extension.

1. Autofill login form#

Open the Login page of the website you want to sign in. Click the PassHub Logo in the upper right corner. The extensions consults PassHub browser tab if appropriate accounts are stored for the current page URL. There may be more than one suitable account. All will be shown in the extension pop-up.

Choose the desired account. When the login form is filled in, click the "Sign in" button on the form.

PassHub Extension popup

NOTE: Some sites use one page for the username and another for the password. Just click the Browser extension icon on every page. The extension is smart enough to substitute proper credentials.

2. Alternatively#

You may click the website URL directly on the PassHub page or in the password record dialog.

PsssHub Alternative way

site tab opens and the login form is automatically filled in

PassHub alternative login

NOTE: Sometimes, the username/password form appears with some delay, so the last method only opens the login page but does not fill the form. Just continue by opening the extension popup as described above.


The extension works with any Chromium-based browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, Brave, etc.