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Copy/Move Folders and Records to Another Safe or Folder

There are two ways to move records from one folder/safe to another: Copy/Move and Drag-and-Drop. To move folders, use Drag-and-Drop method.

Drag and Drop

To move any password, file, note, bank card record, and folders use the standard procedure: "grab" the record and "drag" it to the destination folder. That's it.

Drag and Drop

DnD limitations
  • You can only move records this way. To copy records, use the Copy/Paste method below.
  • Drag and Drop is not available on mobile devices. Again, Copy/Paste works.

Copy and Paste

Click on the record title to open its dialog and select Move or Copy icon

Copy Move Icons

Now open the menu of the destination safe or folder. The Paste command becomes active. Select Paste and the entry will be copied or moved to a new location.

Please note, that the Paste command is only active for 30 seconds after you click the Move or Copy.

Paste menu item