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Backup and Restore My Records

You can export your records in XML or CSV file and import them later.

Export and Backup

  • Export all safes (backup): select Export in the Account drop-down.
  • Export a single safe: click Export item in the safe menu.

In the provided dialog, choose one of the two file formats - XML or CSV. For backup/restore purposes, XML is highly recommended. Use CSV only for compatibility reasons or to get the exported data in a human-readable form e.g. to put them into an Excel table. CSV is error-prone, does not preserve real data structures, and suffers compatibility issues.

Export dialog

Compatibility With KeePass

There are many KeePass flavors, particularly:

  • KeePass 2 - for Windows
  • Keepass2Android - for Android devices
  • KeepassXC - cross-platform application for MAC, Linux, and Windows

Windows and Android versions support the XML format as a primary choice. CSV implementation contains errors and is not recommended. Cross-platform KeePassXC supports CSV only, and this implementation is correct.

SUMMARY: use CSV for KeePassXC and XML for KeePass2/Windows and KeePass2Andoird

Import and Restore

Select Import in the Account drop-down

Import item

Select mode: Import (puts file data into a newly created single safe) or Restore (merges file data with existing safes) Select the file you wish to upload

Import dialog

NOTE: Restore mode preserves all the data you have in PassHub, it can only add new records or additional versions of existing records. It never deletes or modifies the existing data.