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Share My Password Safe With Others

You can share your records by granting other users access to the selected password safe.

When you share a safe, the recipient account is identified by the email address. Hence it is only possible to share safes with users who already have account and provided their email.

You may grant one of the three levels of access rights to a recipient:

  • read-only: the user may only read the safe data
  • editor: the recipient can create, modify or delete safe records
  • owner: full access to the safe, the user may share the safe, revoke access, change user roles and even delete the safe

Sharing a Safe

Click on the safe name and select the "Share" item in the drop-down menu

Insert recipient mail and choose access rights. Click Share Safe button.

Share Safe

Note the icon changes for the shared safe. Basically, that is it. Next time the recipient updates the PassHub data, the shared safe will be shown.

The safe name may be different for each user: if Alice shares the safe with Bob, it would be natural to have the safe named 'Bob' or alike. At the same time, Bob may want to call the safe "Alice." So Bob can change the name of the safe shared by Alice and the safe will still be named "Bob" in the Alice account.